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Available Services

Langauge Delays

Vocabulary, sentence structure, and/or comprehension below age expectations. Treatment is provided through play based activities because children learn best when they feel comfortable and supported. 

Feeding Disorders

Oral intake that is not age appropriate impacting medical, nutritional, feeding skill, and/or psychosocial function. Treatment is provided utilizing a responsive approach. Trained in the

Get Permission Approach.

Feeding Matters Infant and Child Feeding Questionnaire© 

Speech Sound Disorders

Articulation and phonological based disorders impacting your child's ability to be understood when speaking. 

Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Impairment in motor planning and/or programming for speech. Working to increase intelligibility by teaching the movements needed to produce speech.

Social Communication

Pragmatic therapy to support social-emotional communication needs using a neurodiversity affirming approach. 

Fluency Disorders

Interruption in the flow of speech sometimes paired with increased tension and/or avoidance of speaking. 

We strive to be accessible to your family

HK Speech Therapy is currently contracted with the following insurance companies or healthcare networks: 

Iowa Total Care 

Molina Healthcare 


Blue Cross Blue Shield 

VIP Network - Nomi Health Inc. 

For out-of-network speech, language, and/or feeding services a superbill can be provided monthly for you to submit for potential reimbursement. 


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